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Working in Telehealth

As many industries have adopted WFH in some capacity, so too has healthcare. While usually more of a hands-on field, medical professionals can carry out many practices and techniques remotely. Known as Telehealth, this online approach to medicine has advantages for both healthcare professionals and the patients they treat. Find out how Telehealth works, and if it seems like a good fit, learn how you can find a role in this emerging industry.

What is Telehealth

Remote healthcare, or Telehealth, is an industry that aims to provide as much medical assistance to patients as possible without requiring an in-person appointment. Many times, healthcare professionals will use video-calling software such as Zoom, Skype, or MS Teams to meet with their patients. This provides a useful alternative to certain assessments or techniques that require a visual inspection from a medical professional. It benefits to both the provider and patient by increasing appointment flexibility and cutting down on transportation. It also decreases the time a patient may spend in a hospital or clinic for longer medical processes, since caregivers can accomplish more of the diagnosis and prognosis remotely.

Telehealth Technologies 

The many technologies used for Telehealth help create consistency and convenience. Programs like mobile health allow for a two-way street of communication between healthcare workers and their patients. Reminders for medication, updates, test results, and more can all be facilitated with smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This has proven to be a very viable alternative to in-person meetings, especially for typical and ongoing medical reasons like physical therapy and pregnancies.

While phone calls, emails, and faxes have all served useful purposes for both patients and physicians, improved technology and an overall focus on optimizing virtual meetings have led to high-quality cameras, microphones, and general user-friendly software to enhance and elevate virtual appointments.

Finding Work in Telehealth

Telehealth workers are in high demand. The use of Telehealth has skyrocketed since the outbreak of Covid and the need for social distancing. Qualifications like board certification, eligibility, and meeting proper state and employer requirements are typically necessary to practice Telehealth. So, this industry favors positions such as Physicians, PAs, RNs, and Nurse Practitioners. Similarly, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Therapists can also find a lot of work in a virtual setting, especially given the nature of their practice in which they just need to be able to see and talk with their patients.

Staffing firms offer an excellent route to securing work in the Telehealth field. As many of them also work with the IT industry, finding the right job for tech-savvy professionals in the healthcare industry is fairly similar. Staffing firms typically have very reputable and successful companies as their clients, so highly qualified professionals like Nurse Case Managers can work with a firm to ensure that they are placed with one of the best companies out there.

Benefits of Working in TeleHealth

There are a lot of reasons why Telehealth is a great career choice and industry to be a part of. It offers a combination of more flexibility with scheduling and the ability to work with more patients. This creates both a sense of control and accomplishment, which may be harder to attain if practicing in person. Of course, different Telehealth companies will have varying shift requirements, but it’s not uncommon for Telehealth workers to work fewer hours than in-person while seeing as many or more patients all without a loss to financial gains. Similarly, a WFH office space can reduce worries about childcare and allow you to spend more time with family.

Our Work with Healthcare and Telehealth

blueStone has recently been growing its presence in the healthcare industry and Telehealth is no exception. As a staffing firm that works with the healthcare industry, teaming up with Telehealth workers and companies is an exciting precedent. If you’re someone looking to find remote work in the healthcare field, reach out to one of our recruiters as they’d be happy to talk! Check back in with us next week as we talk about Traveling Nurses and how it relates to staffing solutions.

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