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Our Nursing Specialties

From traveling nurses to clinical placements in local facilities, we provide your team with the resources you need to bring the best care possible to your patients.

Intensive Care Unit

Some patients require critical care, and the healthcare professionals who staff the ICU must be extremely qualified and dependable.

Cardio Unit

Cardiovascular issues are one of the most prevalent and dangerous health problems that patients face. Ensure they are treated with the best care.

Surgical Unit

Sometimes, operating is a necessary treatment and can be risky. A complex practice, surgical clinicians must be at the top of their game.

Cath Lab

This type of care involves minimally-invasive procedures and analyses that offer the easiest possible solutions for cardiovascular problems.

Emergency Room

When patients need express care, the ER triages and tends to them. This often comes to with extreme demands.

Pediatrics Unit

Children require specialized and focused care. The Peds Unit clinicians must be highly skilled in both healthcare and working with children.

Med/Surg Unit

Care given before and after of surgical procedures and through chronic treatments is managed by these specialized and diligent clinicians.

Progressive Care Unit

Dealing with chronic illness and complex treatment routes, this unit is made up of dedicated caregivers that bring the best care around to patients.

Telemetry Unit

Monitoring biometric data, these clinicians analyze vital signs to determine the status and treatment needs for patients with various afflictions.

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