See why local and traveling nurses trust and seek out our employment services.

The Value of Working with blueStone

Guaranteed Hours

Receive full pay for every hour stated in your contract with us, regardless of the actual working hours you are tasked with in your role

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First-Day Health Insurance

Put our suite of health insurance benefits to use right away, and rest assured that you’re adequately covered with our Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans

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Professional Liability Insurance

Avoid paying out of pocket to insure your professional liabilities when you turn to blueStone Healthcare Solutions to further your clinical career

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Coverage Between Assignments

Decrease the stress of going from assignment to assignment by retaining your blueStone benefits while we work to place you at your next role

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Licensing Reimbursement

Clinical licensing can be complicated, especially for traveling nurses, so receive reimbursement for fees associated with additional licenses

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Retirement Matching

Take advantage of our 401k Match program in order to keep up with your retirement contribution goals as you work with us

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Testing Reimbursement

Get pre-employment drug testing and physical exams reimbursed when you start an assignment with us

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Housing Stipend

When on a traveling assignment with us, receive additional compensation to help manage housing costs as you carry out your contract

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Dedicated Support Team