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Working as a Case Manager

If you caught our recent posts on working in Telehealth and or as a Traveling Nurse, you may have interest in other healthcare careers. In this post, we will cover the Case Manager position, a strongly growing role in the industry. Learn the basics of working as a Case Manager, tips on getting hired in the field, and the role staffing firms play in the market.

What is a Case Manager?

Case managers are typically nurses, and most positions ask for a licensed practical nurse (LPN) at minimum. Further licensing as a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) is often preferred or required by organizations as they can provide more specialized treatment. These are the most popular credentials sought after in case management, but you may also find a role if you have less specialized training as a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Since the need for Case Managers is steadily growing, there are openings in many specialties. This means that you can find the roles that best fit your current level of training.

The day-to-day job experience of Case Managers is different than that of traditional nursing professions. While providers usually expect some in-person care, a case manager largely works away from the patient. This is because the Case Manager handles usually hundreds of cases by creating and implementing treatment plans. They guide and determine the care their organization gives to its patients during their treatment. The role may also involve analyzing outcomes and patient data in order to improve treatment plans. Considering the job’s expectations, healthcare professionals who are independent and organized can really thrive as a Case Manager.

Finding Work as a Case Manager

If you have the appropriate education and the description above interests you, you may be wondering how to find work as a Case Manager. The market may be growing well, but there are some considerations when looking for employment in case management. Many openings will require some form of in-person assessments or general facility presence as a part of the role. As a result, those looking for fully-remote opportunities may struggle to find a case management position. You can expect home visits in some roles, and the organization may require you to manage your transportation to and from sites. Factoring in the range of your organization’s focus can help you decide if a certain opening is best for you.

If you have experience in healthcare but haven’t completed licensure for RN/LCPC/LCSW, you may want to further your education if you plan on a case management career. This can help open you up to more complicated and specialized responsibilities within the field. It can also make you more competitive of an applicant for any Case Manager role, so that you may be more selective in your job search.

Brushing up on management and technological skills during the job search can also help give you the edge. Since the position requires both healthcare and managerial expertise, strengthening that balance with workshops and training programs can help prepare you for the role. This may ease the stress of the learning curve experienced on the job, allowing you to focus on providing the best care possible to patients.

Power Your Search With Staffing Firms

If the traditional job search proves difficult, you can turn to staffing firms for help. Some firms work exclusively with healthcare organizations, while many others are eagerly branching into it. You will be able to search for jobs much more effortlessly with a staffing firm. We make it our mission to find the right candidate for our clients. In turn, this ensures that our recruiters will take the time to understand your strengths and concerns for optimal placement.

A simple web search such as “Case Manager Staffing Firm” may net you some quality results, but you will likely see the most success by searching “Case Manager” in a staffing firm’s internal site. To find the right staffing firm for you, add your location and/or industry to a web search for staffing firms, like so: “Healthcare Staffing Firm Chicago”. This can connect you with a firm that will most accurately meet your needs. If you decide that blueStone Staffing Solutions seems like a good fit, you can search our jobs here.

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